These easy to duplicate creations have proven to be more versatile and durable than any other competing products. Our KIT shows you how to make and use more than 50 PROJECTS!

Each kit comes complete with a copy of our Tirecrafting book, either a DVD or VHS tape demonstrating how to create the projects, a full sized horse tire swing pattern and a customized jigsaw blade for making the cutting of the tires even easier.

"Tirecrafting" by Paul Farber is more than a book of projects. In addition you will find:

Written in an easy to understand format, "Tirecrafting" is like having a good friend at your side encouraging you on your way.

Super Productive GardeningSuper Productive Gardening

Achieve maximum quality and quantity yields with minimum space, water, time, effort and expense.

Comfort GardeningComfort Gardening

Know someone who is physically challenged? Now they can once again enjoy the joys and peace that gardening provides for them.

Fountains and ponds.Fountains and Ponds

Get lost in the serenity of the water cascading in your own fountains and ponds custom built around your landscaping needs.

Horse SwingHorse Swing

A full pattern for the ever popular horse swing is included with every kit.

Link to our earth friendl composting page.Earth Friendly Composting

Humus in 14 days? Information on this and 2 more styles of composting using your recycled tires,

Link to our retainwalls pageRetaining Walls

No more walls breaking down after a few years. Strong enough to drive on. Lasts for decades. Blends into your natural landscaping when the tires are planted with flowers or other ground cover.

These are some of the comments we have received from individuals who have purchased our book:

Thanks so very much for sending me your book and blade. That is positively the neatest, well done, self-written book I have ever seen. Congratulation!
- Larry Rodke, San Bernardino, CA

You book arrived two days ago. After having read it, I'm convinced it's the best money I ever spent on a book. I'm really going to enjoy working on some of the projects. There are so many good items, one hardly knows where to start.
- Harold Sure, Oak Bluff, MA.

I just wanted to thank you for writing your book. I'm enjoying it thoroughly. And if it wasn't for your video, I would have never been able to turn a steel belted radial inside out. It's so true, you really have to see it done and then it is so simple.
- Laura Elend, email

My husband found you online while he was searching for information on tire gardening. He really liked your site, so I surprised him on his birthday with your Kit. He's been outside tirecrafting ever since. You have inspired him! We live in central British Columbia, Canada, so summers don't last very long. He is very determined to have a garden all winter, using what you have taught him.
- Jo-Ann Bloomquist, email

Check out some of the 50 projects above. Then click on the link to order your kit.